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FindArtisanMarkets.com puts Craft Fairs, Art Festivals, Street Fairs, Farmers Markets and the Artisans themselves at your fingertips.

Connect and shop directly from accredited hard-working, amazing artisans anytime, anywhere. There is no signing up just search for the gift  you desire or click the browse tab to prompt available goods. FindArtisanMarkets.com takes great pride in bringing you this exciting and easy way to view,  connect and shop countless handmade, naturally crafted goods and foods from  Artisans near and far.

Our Markets, Fairs section helps you find local venues.

Our Story

Hi, Roni & Jeanine here. we have been involved in Craft Fairs, Art Festivals, Street Fairs and Farmers Markets as Artisan’s for years! Before that, my job was big corporation marketing. I see so many amazing artisans who need to get the word out about their astonishing handcrafted creations Art, Jewelry, Apparel, Creams, Soap, Lotion, Jams, Jelly’s, Relishes, Pickles and so much more ; a place that specifically links their products to a greater audience – and help doing it.

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