All natural, handmade products for body, mind, and spirit.

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About Us

As a little girl, growing up in the woods of Upstate New York, I spent my time surrounded by the beauty of Mother Nature and I’ve had a life long love and appreciation for what she has to offer. I am infatuated by the simplicity of natural surroundings, from the feel, look, and taste, to the healing properties of all plants, I just can’t grow, read or create enough from them! I am fortunate now to live in a climate that allows me to do just that virtually year round, and to be able to travel to wild harvest that which does not grow in this tropical climate!

Now relocated in SW Florida, my garden thrives, my research continues and I live to be creative. My two young children have inspired many of my creations, as I develop new products based on their needs, as well as mine and my husband’s. My loyal customers have provided me with inspiration beyond belief, and my company is a direct result of all of the love that I take from family, friends, and patrons. I am proud to live in a virtually chemical-free, green home, where we eat a plant based, vegan diet, and I love to share what I do with others!